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I am Liza Mae, just a regular female currently living in Toronto, Canada.  My goal of this site is to share my life stories to edify your life.  I used to write in diaries at the young age of 8 which I still own and now I have transferred part of my writing online – though occasionally I still write in physical diaries.  I find that it is the stories which comprises my life and everyone in it that makes me, Liza Mae.  I tell and share stories of life, love, and photography.

Be prepared to be inspired, laugh, and cry.

I originally started this blog on LiveJournal in 2003 when I was in my teens but transferred it here on LizaMae.com.  These are my raw emotions and open for the world to view.  I try to be positive and surround myself with positive people and things, though sometimes I may share my frustrations and let my heart pour out.

I am a passionate photograpHER and have successfully started LuxaVision, a creative photography company.  To me it is more than a picture, it is art in it is  most intimate form.  I have grown to love photographing people, newborns, and momentous events.  With every person I capture, I take a piece of them with me and share it with the world to smile, laugh, and inspire.

Where to Start?

I know this blog has many  posts so I’ll guide you to some interesting posts that defines me as the person I am today.  Even when I go back to read my previous writings, I can recall the emotions I felt when I wrote it and realized how much I’ve evolve to the person I am today.



Where you can reach Liza Mae?

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e-mail. Liza@lizamae.com
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