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Picking up the Pieces

Posted on 03 March 2005 by Liza Mae V.

Sometimes I wonder if I am lucky or if I have enough belief in myself?

I usually procastinate to the point of pressure but not enough to explode … until yesterday. I had two midterms today and I didn’t start studying till the day before. I did some work on Monday but not enough, so I ended up breaking down. I traced back to the problem and why I waited so long and I felt so pissed off at myself that I started to fall to pieces. I did not know how to pick up the pieces because there were too many, so as he would usually do, he tried to help me pick up the pieces and make me whole again. Not until that point that I realized that I was lacking in motivation … I lacked in focus … I lacked in life. But why? Because I was too caught up in my own reality that I did not see the bigger picture of the future. I was only living the feeling of today that I did not want to do shit that I forgot that everything I do today will affect my tomorrow. That tomorrow that I want has to start today because without today, there would be no tomorrow. So with that I become me again.

Focus Man ...
.:Procastinating while studying … Motivating Self Piece:.

RESULTS … I actually think I passed both mid-terms and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe I was lucky but I think I had a thought in my mind that everything will be alright. I don’t know how I pull these things off but I am glad that I was not shot down to quickly.

I haven’t used Photoshop in along time and I forgot the power of it. I should of been using it more often to enhance my photos. I guess I am lazy when it comes to editing but here is my attempt to practice the usefulness of it.

On the flight home from NYC (February 2005)
.:Moon view  from Flight home from NYC:.

This is my daily commute to school.  It is one of the most rushed times of my day because I am always running late but I keep relaxed due to the fact that I can not make the bus/subway driver make it go with my schedule so I just flow with it.  Late or On-time … but always on the go.

Things that annoy me about public Transit:

  • When there is a seat available between two people doesn’t mean you could sit there.  I find that big assed people try to squeeze in between there.  I experienced a big woman sat on my leg and it was not a pleasurable feeling.
  • I will not give my seat away just because you are old.  If you look like you are going to fall then I will but since you are taking the public transit, you are able to get around.
  • Rush hour.
Bus ride to school

.:Bus Ride to School:

I love the snow!
It reminds me of my childhood where I would play in it all day and didn’t care how cold I was.
I remember making snow forts which actually kept me warm.
I remember making snow people(politically correct) & angels.
I remember toboganing down the hill near my old house on Nelson Street.
I remember throwing snow balls at my brothers as they tried to make a ice rink in the backyard.
I remember snow days where you didn’t have to go to school and all I would do is stay home and watch cartoons.
I remember watching the snow fall outside while I was drinking my hot cocoa.
I remember it like it was yesterday …

.:On Subway:.

.:At School:.


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14 Comments For This Post

  1. nycita Says:

    thas a nice entry..i remember i was lackin any thought for tomorrow when i was younger….and yea i feel u on the public transit ..old people always selfish.last time i was on with my boy and this 50 yr old woman came to us started bitchin bout why he doesnt stand up for her so he was bein quiet and jus said “fuck you” i was dying..she was all shocked..and yea the snow pics are pretty

  2. muszicluvher Says:

    purty pichas

    very pretty mamacita…smooth…..uhmmmm there’s 2 more words on the tip of my tongue but neither will relinquish the fight to be the first one to come off so i’m afraid i’ll have to cut this response short now. a tout a l’heure

  3. lizamae Says:

    I don’t think that no one has the right to bitch you out for not offering your seat. You can’t beg for kindness. I think its your positive karma when other people will be nice to you. blahr..


  4. lizamae Says:

    Re: purty pichas

    what? Come off as what? blar. speak your mind or don’t speak at all.


  5. muszicluvher Says:

    Re: purty pichas

    i never said come off AS i said come off as in come off OF my tongue… next time u should PAY attention instead of reading to fast. calm down lady.

  6. urbantrix Says:

    that procrastination is like a bad word. it comes at the worst of times. so maybe it’s really like a cold .. cause you know and you “want” to get things done, but you can’t cause you feel like doodoo, then stop what you’re suppose to do…knowwutimsayin.. ;)
    i could never escape it in college. at least you did alright!
    maaaan, i just got a new dell, and i think the expiration on it is gonna go off on it before i figure out how to use the shit.
    keep it movin girl.1

  7. lizamae Says:

    Well don’t worry about it … you can always download it with cracks etc. =) I just downloaded it again yesterday. If you want to know how, just let me know.

    I’m a “PRO”castinator. Am I just lazy or what? lol. Well you are lucky that you are done college … school is so hectic right now. I pay school to gain pounds and stress. DAMN IT!?! Well anyways … I’m out.


  8. lizamae Says:

    Re: purty pichas

    I am calm … lol…

  9. muszicluvher Says:

    Re: purty pichas

    good cuz if not i was gonna have my pet dragon mixed wit field mouse bite off ur fuckin toes!

  10. muszicluvher Says:

    that should be


  11. _butterflyz Says:

    liked some of the entries i read. like ur words. mind us addin each other?

  12. lizamae Says:

    alright .. you are added. =)

    Welcome to the chaos.


  13. a_le Says:

    Wow I love these pictures :)

  14. lizamae Says:

    thank you =)

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