Smiles are Free … So Smile =)

Posted on 17 December 2003 by Liza Mae V.

Yet another day at work.

It was rather the same as working yesterday, same customers, same management, same atmosphere BUT a different mind state. For some reason I was in such a giddy (happy) mood. I smiled like someone gave me a piece of ass and I chewed it, swallowed and liked it. It was a rainy but sunny day in my eyes and even as I write this, I feel so happy. I haven’t had this kind of high since … hrmm … I last kissed someone I was passionate with, damn I am smiling back at that moment but there is nothing in the world I can do but … SMILE … because frowning will eventually lead to tears in my eyes which drowns the logical side of me. I just liked being in this mind state, it opens my eyes to things which I/we take for granted.


Today, I saw a girl with a disfigured face. She looked like she suffered from severe burns including her hands because she had no fingers. Sometimes we take looking ‘normal’ for granted and don’t appreciate the face we stare at each morning, there are always imperfections which we constantly bicker at and I look into this girls eyes and she just seemed so perfect with her imperfections. I smiled because that moment was beautiful because she was beautiful. There are a lot of things that we take for granted but one thing I realized today was I love making people smile. It made me feel good about myself because I know if I was in their shoes, that person whom smiled at me would of made a difference in my life. Just that simple gesture … will make me happy … and I this entry is dedicated to all those … understated people that put a smile on your face … even just for one instant.

– Liza Mae

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