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Redecorating My Space

Posted on 05 April 2005 by Liza Mae V.

[Phone Conversation]
Duwayne:  What are you upto?
Me:  Changing my room around.
Duwayne:  Again?!?
Me:  Yeah.

For a few years that I have lived in this place I call my room, I have always rearranged my furniture from one side to the other with a few additions/subtractions here and there but I realized that I finally found my comfort zone.  It was a strenuous activity moving heavy furniture back and forth because last minute I’d realize that I didn’t like how it felt.  I am all about relaxing and finding that warm place where positivity swarms me or who ever enters my place.  Usually when someone lays in my bed, it is almost automatic that they pass out, especially me.  One thing I need to fix is my closet because it is not designed to optimize the space required to fit all my clothes, thats why I usually have clothes sitting on my work desk waiting to be squished into my closet.  Other than that … the main thing that’s missing is HE in my bed … when I sleep and when I wake.  (sigh) … The only thing I lay to bed is with this teddy that he gave me on V-day.  blah.

Goodnight … till tomorrow.

-Liza Mae V.

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  1. a_le Says:

    hey. may i be added? :)

  2. lizamae Says:


    ..its all good..



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