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long over due … PHOTOgraphy

Posted on 08 April 2005 by Liza Mae V.

I’ve been doing my PHOTOgraphy thing for the last couple of weeks but I’ve been lazy to post anything up due to my hectic school schedule … but whats new? 

self portrait

School has always been my number one priority for the last 3 years and I’m starting to get sick of it.  I always tell my self … “No worries … it will end all too soon”.   *sigh*  I have a exams coming up in a few days and they managed to screw me again by giving me 4 exams back to back everyday.  On top of that 3 out of 4 are 8am.  It seems like this sh!t always happens to me, but I am not complaining.  I just got to do it.  There is really no choice in the matter.  Actually there is the weak route in which I get a doctor’s note for one exam and then write it later, but I am going on vacation starting May 7 so I don’t want it to conflict with that.  I know I can do what I say I can do.  I am almost done with my 100th assignment prior to exams and i can’t wait to hand that sh!t in. 

Oh yah .. my vacation.  I am heading out to Sacremento to see my cousin and his kids then my cousin Geremy is going to meet me then we’ll go to San Fransisco and Reno.  I don’t really know what to expect.  I just want to get away and go on vacation.  I couldn’t resist the offer since my cousin was paying half.  When I get back to Toronto, the next day I will be doing a road trip to Kentucky for my cousin Katrina’s wedding.  I haven’t even seen her since I was in my early teens, so it will be rather interesting.  I hope Martina can come because KY is not the most interesting place to be.  I can’t wait to go there to relax because I end up writing alot when I am up there, plus I get to eat ‘soul food’ when I get down there. 

Other than that … life has been quite unconfrontational, but its great.  The  main confrontation is myself.  I have these self battles where I debate my thoughts and break down the opponent to figure out the weaknesses.  I still have to discover some hidden self traits but I am WIP.  There is not much more to say … but let the visuals say all.

Martina in a club crowd ... @ Districk

Too many of these caused me to be ...

 in a drunken state ... @ EinSteins (2005-03-31)

 ... @ EinSteins (2005-03-31)

  ... @ EinSteins (2005-03-31)

Roxanne & Francine ...@ Picadilly Circus (2005-04-02)

-Liza Mae V.

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14 Comments For This Post

  1. a_le Says:

    great pictures…you look lovely…

    Did I read something wrong or are you driving from Toronto to KY???

  2. urbantrix Says:

    glad to see you’re still around girl!
    + to see that you’re enjoying yourself between all your studies too
    i’ve never been to kentucky..enjoy your days!
    ps/when is this semester over?

  3. lizamae Says:

    Yes you did read right. lol. Its 12h away… ahhhh its kindof crazy

  4. lizamae Says:

    My last exam ends on the 25th of April … can’t wait …but the transition to get there is troublesome.

  5. nycita Says:

    oooo wee im goin to play pool today too! yay

    you are prettyyyyyyy

  6. lizamae Says:

    thanks mama. I find that I have a steady hand with a drunken stuper.. lol.. but my vision gets blurry so I guess it isn’t that good. blar.

    Have yourself a terrific morning … I am so damn tired.


  7. magickalovera Says:

    ROAD TRIP!!! *packs bag* where to meet you?

  8. lizamae Says:

    what do you mean? where are you from?

  9. destinysmine Says:

    That is a long drive..Your cousin lives in Henderson right?

  10. lizamae Says:

    Yes you are correct. It is about 12h drive. Sigh. I wish I could fly from Sacremento but my dad can’t do the long drives anymore because he just had heart surgery. So I have to be driving most of the time unless my brother is coming which I don’t know yet.


  11. zedinbed Says:

    Haha, sorry for seeming intrusive but that first mirror pic is …. cute !?!

    Broken mirrors are just much more neat-o than unbroken ones. :)

  12. muszicluvher Says:

    oh weeeeeee

    that’s a long ass drive girl! have fun for meeeeeee

  13. lizamae Says:

    Re: oh weeeeeee

    blar ….. nooooooo … i’lll sleep most of the way.

    -Liza Mae

  14. lizamae Says:

    yes i agreee … =P

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