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Non-stop exams

Posted on 19 April 2005 by Liza Mae V.

I should be sleeping … but I am not.
Came home at 1am … leaving here by 6am by the dot
8am exam lasting for 3h non-stop.

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I’ll be home soon … sleep and wake up.
To do it all over again …


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  1. a_le Says:

    I know you will keep it together & do well! :) Do your thing girl. Hopey you will be able to rest soon after.

  2. a_le Says:



  3. lizamae Says:

    thanks … just a few more days of suffering … 2 days of 8am exams …and then monday is my last one. I wrote 3 exams already and I know I bombed them but I went into the exam with pretty high standings so I know I passed how much? I can’t really tell you that until reports come out … I’ve seen better days … but I’ll survive.


  4. sephorakissez Says:

    good luck w/those exams!
    are these finals? or just regular annoying tests? lol

  5. lizamae Says:

    lol@annoying tests.


  6. sephorakissez Says:

    oh, goodness, good luck hun!
    i have a final on tues and thurs, then the following week on a wed.

    im just glad i have a day and 1/2 between the tues and thurs finals, or else i would go crazy! lol

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