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Movie Night: Stepfather

Posted on 24 April 2005 by Liza Mae V.


It was a very gloomy day but it did not stop me from enjoying the day, the only thing I regret was that I was not productive with the school work therefore I’m paying for it now.  Anyways, in the morning Jeff came to my house and we headed to my favorite local Japanese restaurant.  We exchanged thoughts about everything/everyone around and what has progressed within the weeks/months in our lives that we did not share prior. 

I noticed that I became distanced from those who I subconsciously think are a threat to OUR relationship.  I am usually outspoken about my relationship(s) when I am going through problems.  Now that I barely have problems … I do not speak as much, and even when I am going through problems I usually solve them with him so there is no need to run to someone else.  I sometimes vent to selected friends but it is usually to hear myself think.  They usually give advice in which I already thought of but they reaffirm me because they think like me in most ways.  I realize that I was selfish before G because all the relationships prior to him I vented to anyone who was around.  I shouldn’t of done so because sometimes I didn’t listen nor agree to what they had to say thus those whom I did listen to are those selected few friends that I tell my problems to.  I realized that some people I interact with I just butt-heads with so, why bother?  So I am sorry for burdening those with my problems when I did not listen. 

So as we sat at the restaurant, I listened to him speak instead of burden him with the little problems that I had.  It was very relaxing and refreshing whenever he’s around.  We eventually went back to my house and watched movies all day … Taxi & The Notebook.  I both recommend them.  Taxi is one of those corny but funny movies.  I loved the scene when they were on laughing gas…hilarious.  The Notebook is a romantic movie aka chick flick with a sad ending but I really liked the acting.  So go rent/download them.  =)

Later that night I hooked up with G, Roxanne, *& Mike W.  We watched Stepfather(1987), scary movie, and the acting was crazy.  It wasn’t that scary because G & Mike were making us laugh the whole time.  It would of been scary as hell if they kept quiet, but overall a great old school scary movie.  His (stepfather) acting was great because he really freaked me out.  If you like scary movies I recommend this movie.  Oh yah did I mention the background music, its the greatest. lol.

Well it was a very chill night … Just say I am sore now. 

1 more exam tomorrow.  =P

-Liza Mae

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  1. urbantrix Says:

    Thats so funny because just the other day, I was talking to a friend about 80’s horror the technology is so cheese compared to the scary movies out now..but for some reason when you watch ’em, the freaky music/acting/tracking freaks the f*ck outta ya.

    Taxi was halarious! I thought it was gonna be corny as hell, but it wasn’t bad at all. I’m still trying to convince boyfriend to let us rent the notebook on our next blockbuster trip. boyfriend 1, toya, 0 (zero)..I don’t know if I’ll win this battle girl….lol..

  2. lizamae Says:


    lol … well tell him to suck it up. He’ll probably like it too. I mean it is a good movie …chick flick or not. My father liked it. They say you should marry someone like your father … hrmm … thats a thought … in many ways G is like my father … Stubborn … Funny … Emotional Thinker … sorry for deviating from the topic … but yah … rent 2 movies … one his pick … and the other yours.


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