Summer Crisis

Posted on 27 April 2005 by Liza Mae V.

I feel like I need to accomplish something but I can’t figure out what it is.  I’ve been moping around the house thinking of things that I want to do this summer and I started off by revamping my LJ design which reflects my current attitude … warm, lively, & refreshing.  Initially I wanted to revamp my website but that would take more than a few hours plus my creativity is not here with me right now … he’s on vacation.  So … now what?  Maybe if I list the things I need to do I will have something to work towards.

  • Make a resume for a summer J.O.B.
  • Clean out the closet then donate it to Goodwill.
  • Clean the room & put some new photos up.
  • Re-design the website.
  • Join some sortof active sport/hobbie.

When you end a chapter in your life, a new one starts which leads to a whole new set of issues.  Everytime I end school and summer starts my whole life shifts to this totally different perspective where priorities change and life becomes this soap opera.  For the past 2 years I had no serious ties so I just went club after club, meeting guy after guy, and it fulfilled me momentarily but they did not appease my physical/mental/emotional appetite.  There was always something missing … not that I’m searching for perfection but the chemistry was not there.  Sometimes I felt like it was perfect but the next day later I’d think otherwise.  This inconsistancy caused me to be unstable with myself & them.  I did not know if I should trust my feelings because it lead me into the wrong arms before … so what’s so different now?  I know myself alot better and I am still learning … and this time I have truly let myself go.  I am with Mr. Perfect-Imperfect and I salivate with the thoughts of him but you never know where this road will lead because … shit happens.  I am fully aware of my consequences but it’s all worth it.

 *sigh* of relief.

I still haven’t figure out what I have to do … I don’t really feel like doing anything.  I feel so lazy. 

-Liza Mae

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. urbantrix Says:

    Hey Miss New,

    When are you finished with school? How many years do you have left?

    Signed With Love,


  2. lizamae Says:

    Next year therefore 1 more year. Achoo!?!

    Well I’m dreading summer school. =(

  3. urbantrix Says:

    You said before, summer schoool is 2 days a week for 2 months?
    Maybe I messed it up.
    I like your new layout.
    I’m fiddling around with mines now too..

  4. sephorakissez Says:

    i NEED to find a job!
    i wanna check out your .com BUT i cant right now, pls do link me next time!

  5. lizamae Says:

    yah i know plus I have this audio/print course …blar.

  6. lizamae Says:

    I have to get working on it.

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