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Missing home

Posted on 14 May 2005 by Liza Mae V.

So I am about 70% well and I feel better but I still have that stuffy nose feel and the minor cough. Also I can’t taste food 100% and its killing me. blar.

The last two days I’ve been in Reno/Lake Tahoe. Its a big casino scene and I’m not really down with the casino especially since I lost $20. Ahhhhkk. Well Lake Tahoe was beautiful but I didn’t get any good shots because we didn’t get out of the car which I wasn’t too happy about but who am I in this big equation? This vacation hasn’t been the greatest because I feel as though I have to bottle things in so that I don’t blow up on my cousin. She annoys me sometimes. Anyways enough about that. I went swimming and it was the most relaxing time I had here. It was me and the water. I need to be home. I really miss him. I feel like I am dying over here. Well I get home on Wednesday then I leave again on Thursday but the 2nd part of the trip should be good cuz I’ll be with Martina. Right now I feel trapped because I can not have those intellectual conversations with anyone because no one is on my page. Maybe thats why I am not very close with my family members. I feel as though my friends are my family. They are actually closer to me than family. Pretty sad but that’s how I feel.

Hrmmm … I guess I’m feeling a little homesick. I can’t go another vacation without him or without my friends. Family trips aren’t for me. lol. Well I gotta go. my moment of solitude is going to end.

liza exits.

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  1. muszicluvher Says:


    maybe u shouldn’t suck at gambling! hahaha
    not really sad…..just honest. i’m the same way. i’m not really close with anyone in my blood family.

  2. a_le Says:

    Glad you are feeling better. :)

    LOL @ the $20 mention. I am the same way. :P

    It’s the asian genes…you either HATE wasting money or are a hopeless gambling addict. jk. Way to enforce stereotypes dree.

  3. a_le Says:

    And I understand about the family thing.

  4. urbantrix Says:

    How long is your whole trip? You’re half over, so don’t worry girl!!
    I wish I could swim, I think that swimming is relazing too (well, I figured this out when I had flippers on–then I could swim)..I always used to have these dreams of me swimming .. but thats another story.
    Losing in a casino always breaks my heart.

  5. destinysmine Says:

    I love to gamble..but I go crazy if I lose even 10.00. I can imagine how you feel right now. My mom is the only person in my family that understands me. I can’t imagine going on vacation with anyone else other than her.

  6. mz_juiicy Says:

    I’m still sick too, know how you feel..
    Also know how you feel bout friends are closer than family, thats tha same with me..hope you have more fun on this trip as well as tha next one =)

  7. lizamae Says:

    Re: teehee

    blar. Gambling is no good anyways.

  8. lizamae Says:

    yeah … I really feel like an outsider because I am staying with cousins and their cousin’s come to the party … and I am not related to those cousins. So I feel alone and they have things to speak of and I am just there. blahhh. Also I am one of the youngest in the family so they treat me like I’m still young. You feel me?

    -Liza Mae

  9. lizamae Says:

    I want to go swimming again. I think I love it so much because as a kid, my bestfriend and I used to go everyday 3x a day the whole summer, and I am not even joking about that. Anyways, speak to you soon.

    -Liza Mae

  10. muszicluvher Says:

    Re: teehee

    very true….which is y i don’t do it…at least in the traditional sense. i gamble in the stock market, hehe

  11. Bronzevixon Says:
    What a cutie!!!! I love the tutu pics!
  12. Bronzevixon Says:
    What a cutie!!!! I love the tutu pics!
  13. Bronzevixon Says:
    What a cutie!!!! I love the tutu pics!
  14. Steve Darbonne Says:
    Beautiful pictures Liz… creative.
  15. Steve Darbonne Says:
    Beautiful pictures Liz… creative.

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