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Home Sweet Home

Posted on 25 May 2005 by Liza Mae V.

It feels so good to be home again.

The 2nd half of my trip was amazing for the following reasons …

  1. Martina was with me and we always have a great time together.
  2. Met alot of new people including cousin’s I haven’t seen in years.
  3. Actually partied even though it wasn’t my kindof thing … live rock band.
  4. New experiences.  I caught a fish.  =)  Seen someone get tazzed (sp?) by a cop.

I have tons of pics to edit and share … so they will be finished soon.

Oh yah … its my birthday today.  =)  Happy 22 for me.  Seems like yesterday that I turned 19.  scarry.

-Liza Mae

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9 Comments For This Post

  1. _retrological Says:

    happy birthday sweetheart!

  2. mz_juiicy Says:

    Happy Birthday =)
    Glad you had fun on tha trip and experienced new things

  3. a_le Says:

    Happy Birthday! Any plans for later or this weekend?

  4. a_le Says:

    what’s tazzed…lol.

  5. sephorakissez Says:

    happy birthday!!!!

  6. muszicluvher Says:

    uh oh

    ur gettin OOOOOLD buddy! hahaha

  7. muszicluvher Says:


    it’s this lil gadget that has metal conductors attached to coiled wire inside of a lil box. u press a button and they shoot out and pretty much stick in ur skin and shock the hell out of u.

  8. lizamae Says:

    YES. Going to a 1990’s Jam with a couple of friends on friday, saturday – working and hanging out, sunday – going to be with G.

    -Liza Mae

  9. destinysmine Says:

    Happy Birthday. Im glad you enjoyed yourself somewhat. I’ve never seen anyone get tazzed before. I bet that was something to see!

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