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Lost for words

Posted on 30 May 2005 by Liza Mae V.

Lately I’ve been feeling lost for words and I don’t remember how to speak my mind.  I feel bottled up inside because the only person I would like to share my inner thoughts with doesn’t give me the opportunity to speak … or maybe when I do have that perfect opportunity I’d rather share it in silence.  I just want to scream out loud but instead tears come falling from my eyes and I start to cry.  I feel misunderstood but I am the source of this problem because I am not speaking up.  I just haven’t had that chance to be relaxed and be free with him.  I need a moment of clarity.

Lake Tahoe 2005
Lake Tahoe

Random Quote:
“if i have find the need to hide something from someone i am with … then i shouldnt’ be doin it.”

-Liza Mae

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  1. darksithmilitia Says:

    Like you, it’s beautiful

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