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Memories … of highschool.

Posted on 23 June 2005 by Liza Mae V.

If I remember correctly … I just got my braces off in this picture so I was abusing the pearly whites.  Sue Me!?!  Well this brings back so many things in mind.  The days when I used to wear colored contacts … bleh.  It was the time of defining myself as a person … trying to find me.  Not saying I know myself completely NOW but for the most part I have a better understanding.  I do not miss high school but I definately miss the moments I shared with my peoples.

          Break dancing in the hall ways …
                      skipping class to hang out in the cafeteria …
playing dominoes/cards …
                            The Memories

I & Lawrence
calm and collected

fun and crazy
barq's has bite
look its a bird

I miss you homie! 

-Liza Mae V.

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11 Comments For This Post

  1. nycita Says:

    awwww yall look so cute

  2. a_le Says:

    You look so beautiful, beautiful smile too, and ya’ll look cute.

    Playing cards and gambling at lunch.. oh man I remember that too.

  3. magickalovera Says:


  4. darksithmilitia Says:

    You are SO fucking beautiful

  5. muszicluvher Says:

    oh my gosh

    didn’t know u could b so cheesy.

  6. lizamae Says:

    mmm … i loved barq’s at that time but it made me bloated therefore I had to cut it out of the diet. =P

  7. lizamae Says:

    Re: oh my gosh

    its not easy being cheesy. =D .. lol.

    -Liza Mae

  8. lizamae Says:


  9. lizamae Says:

    Thanks hun.

    oh yah … gambling. lol … those were the days of no worries.

    -Liza Mae

  10. muszicluvher Says:

    Re: oh my gosh

    looks like cheese to me. good ole american, haha…

  11. lizamae Says:

    =) Thanks. He was my partner in crime but as time changes so do people and schedules, priorities become oh so different.

    -Liza Mae

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