Can’t sleep … Too Hot in Here

Posted on 24 December 2003 by Liza Mae V.

I can’t seem to figure out why my sleeping habits are all fucked up … its like my internal clock is never going to be fixed … when I am alone … it feels as though there is no point of sleeping anymore. I dream a lot of bad things … which consisted of … things/people that annoyed me … instead of … this man of my dreams … which is lost in this cave of my mind which is preoccupied with … many thoughts … questions … which provoke me … to answer them … ASAP … or I can’t sleep … peacefully. I am so anal about things I can’t seem to figure out … its like … I have constipation … I just want to get it out … but before I do so … I have to work at it so I push and push … or take some Metumucil. Damn … all I need for Christmas is … another problem. I just don’t need another one … or else … I’m going to erupt from this volcano … and go loco. Oh well I’ll just live and learn … that’s basically all I can do.


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  1. Anonymous Says:


    sucks that u still have a hard time getting to sleep.. u think a lot too? i do the same thing.. but then, it’s like, i start thinkin so hard, i get mentally worn out, and then physically..then i fall asleep.. even if just for a few hours. so ur used to sleeping with someone?… did u just get out of a serious relationship?

  2. shespeaksit Says:

    guess what

    liza girl where you at!!!! i hope you enjoyed ur holidays…
    and yes i got me an LJ…but for now i still keeping my private blogger at xanga… <3

  3. liddletiff Says:

    hey can i add u.. add me

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