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Money Night Club

Posted on 11 July 2005 by Liza Mae V.

I  & Martina @ Money Night Club
I &  Martina

I always tell myself that I am tired of clubs but you will find me going to one atleast once a week.  I swear I am on every club promotion’s website.  lol.  I need to find something else to do than go clubbing.  I need something with the following criteria … late night, alcohol, music, fun, cheap … I’m not exactly sure what else but clubs are all the same to me but I can’t seem to get out of the loop.  Give me a couple of years, I doubt I’d be hitting clubs as much as I am now.  I just love to dance.  Blar … I need a new hang out.  Help!?!

-Liza Mae

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12 Comments For This Post

  1. darksithmilitia Says:

    You look so damn tasty

  2. lizamae Says:

    thanks hun. =) I needed to hear that.

    -Liza Mae

  3. darksithmilitia Says:

    I can’t believe u didnt hear that more. I would have told u all night if I was there

  4. lizamae Says:

    i’m not just talking about that night but in gen.

    -Liza Mae

  5. darksithmilitia Says:

    Well Imma start telling you everyday

  6. lizamae Says:

    aww … thanks. But don’t say it, to say it … but say it because you mean it.

    -Liza Mae

  7. darksithmilitia Says:

    I don’t EVER say shit I don’t mean. Get it right

  8. urbantrix Says:

    Girl nothings wrong with’re gonna hit an age soon when clubbing will be like, a distant memory. But if anything, what about hanging out in lounges? (baby My bestfriend and I (are nerds sometimes) sometimes go to Chapters and sit up in there and read all kinds of junk for hours. For some reason it always feels gratifing (sp).

  9. lizamae Says:

    It seems like a distant memory. Lounges are cool but most of my friends aren’t into the lounge thing. I am open for anything though. Maybe I just need a new set of friends?!? lol … nah. I used to go to the cafe near my house but that closed down so there is no real place to chill anymore. =\ I go bowling on Thursday nights w/ the co-workers … but other than that my life is a routine.

    Work.School.Clubs.Bowling.Blahhhh …

    I need a hobby besides dance for once a week. I should of joined the gym because they have all those classes and stuff…well its never too late but i know I am not going when school starts and most places you need a contract. So…blah @ that.

    I dunno I’m just in need for some adventure.

    -Liza Mae

  10. lizamae Says:


    Alright I’ll keep that in mind.

    -Liza Mae

  11. darksithmilitia Says:


    bout time

  12. fuhqindork Says:

    Hmmmmm… Karaoke Bars maybe???

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