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Words Left Unfinished | Poetry in the Making

Posted on 06 January 2004 by Liza Mae V.

Lately I’ve been writing but … it seems as though I am not focused. I start but I don’t finish but someone told me that sometimes … its better left unsaid. So with that being said … I am going to paste my ‘unfinished’ works … and you can let me know how you feel about it.


Another night of alcohol …
bright lights blinding me …
sound system closing my drum …
humming …
buzzing …
sounds …
in my hearing …
when its supposed to be silent …
instead its silently violent …
Messing up the equilibrium
in my realistic
I call my life.
So I bite my tongue
before my heart becomes
numbed with pain
…(to be continued)


I am trying to articulate my feelings through alphabets … that transform into words … merge to sentences … but can not be truly defined … for the feelings are too much for words to describe. So I am left with … words read between lines … which can not truly exist … only in the mindset of the reader’s digest. Absorbing all this percievable bullshit that has become … my strength and weakness.

UNFINISHED #3 (I tried to add to #2 but it didn’t flow the same so I decided that it was another poem)
Escaping reality when we touch base. I see the reflection of my future when I stare in your eyes … but I deny it because it feels like I am floating on cloud nine. Seems too good to be true … because you … in my eyes … is perfection … amongst the imperfections you may cease to have.


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. shespeaksit Says:

    im really feeling the second…all of them are dope…but for some reason the 2nd one just jumps out at me

  2. liddletiff Says:

    I think they are great.

  3. muszicluvher Says:

    unfinished biz

    story of my life…unfinished biz.
    i said i loved her..
    unfinished biz
    i thought i loved *her*
    unfinished biz
    i knew i didn’t love #her#
    but i said it anyway
    only to realize later that i didn’t
    unfinished biz
    goin into danger only makes unfinished biz seem so much more important
    minds speed over mountains of pain
    thoughts traverse myriad abyssmal chasms of darkness
    plunging deep into a bottomless ocean??
    unfinished biz….

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