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Do I enjoy pain?

Posted on 08 September 2005 by Liza Mae V.

Well we kissed & made up … for now.

I know things haven’t been the greatest and I don’t know if they will ever reach that point again … but atleast I am not giving up too soon.  Or is it my delusion thats leading me to believe that I am not giving up but in reality it is really hard for me to let go?  Everyone knows how hard it is to say good-bye to someone you care about.  Am I that desperate?  I mean, why do us woman fall in love with the wrong type of man?  It feels like I love too much … or love being in pain, in which, I am a masochist.  Is love just a form of masochism?

-Liza Mae 

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  1. roncorleone Says:

    it may be because you’re only looking for one type of guy(s) or one characteristic in a man.

  2. lizamae Says:

    No I look for EVERYTHING. Maybe thats my problem

    -Liza Mae

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