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F . U . C . K (A Bad Day)

Posted on 13 January 2004 by Liza Mae V.

My home PC is pissing me off again … but what’s new ='( … before I came on this … I was very much relaxed … now this bitch is dampening my spirits …

F . U . C . K (that’s all I got to say)

Well another day of school … and how boring it is.    I do not like a single lecture and I’ve been to four different ones. I have a feeling that this semester is going to be a loong one … and there is nothing I can do but … bitch and complain about it … *sigh*…. ughhh

F . U . C . K

I have only spoken to one person on the phone today … and that was Stefan #2. I feel so comfortable around him … (sigh) …

S . M . I . L . E

This month is pretty planned out ….
Friday … Getting my hair did =)
End of the month … I’ll be at an Industrial Engineering Conference in Montreal
The Blanks … well school and part-time work fill those holes … so basically I don’t have a life until May … or my life is just school.   I joined the gym in hopes that I will use the membership to actually work this flabby body of mine … It needs to be conditioned the way I want for this motorcycle show that I might be in for the summer … oh summer … anyways … its too cold to think of those warm thoughts … I just need to … find myself a warm body pillow … with a heartbeat. That’s all I want.

Anyways … I’m out.


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. shespeaksit Says:

    soory Liz… but yeah once you get past Stefan’s accent…then you’re good to go… i would call more often…but the somma-bishs at t-mobile charge me a 20 cents minute poll tax.. ugh….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    aww poor baby….school sux….so what size do you like yoru body pillows? I got large…and…ummm….LARGE! :) hope your days are better. –Vic

  3. lizamae Says:

    Which Stefan?

    I wasn’t refering to the stefan you and I know … lol … I was refering to Stefan from Toronto. Stefan #1 = the one we know … Stefan #2 = my stefan. =)


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