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… It’s cold …

Posted on 15 October 2005 by Liza Mae V.

I hate that I love you so much that it makes me cry every time we argue. I feel like I’m fighting for myself to be with you because every time it seems I’m losing grips of you. It was hard enough for me to get a glimpse of your feelings towards me but now I have to dig a little deeper. Layer upon layer I find pieces of you that I did not see, yesterday. I wonder what I will come across next.

I shed enough tears to grow a tree that holds a bird’s nest. I want to forget these times of our relationship but instead I hold them closely. I want to run free of problems but it seems we strive off these moments. It is like we enjoy pain, throwing words of hate, while I masturbate to your coldness. I suddenly become numb because it’s like I masturbate often and its gotten to the point that I feel nothing. I just feel the tears shatter to the floor shaking my world to the core and I don’t know what is in store. I just want you to adore me, but that’s another story. To be told. Because what I am about to unfold is the story of how we should be … you and me. Free from all the minor commotions that are stirring up our peaceful ocean. I just want to relax and let go … open this world of love. Again. If not today, tomorrow is another. I will put aside our differences and pay attentions to our closeness for I’m tired of … the bitching and complaining. I just want to find home again.

-Liza Mae

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  1. muszicluvher Says:

    nice lil prose there mz liza

    i won’t repeat wut i’ve said b4 bout ya’ll. but i do hope things work out for the best for the 2 of u nuts. i will say that sometimes there is a hidden time limit that both of ur internal clocks know….might not be the same fo both of u though. but when time runs out things will start to detoriate. but how fast that happens depends on how hard either one of u fights to maintain that relationship……..well as always peacelovesoul

  2. urbantrix Says:

    Aww girl..sounds like y’all need some Sade in your lives. I hope things work out with you guys, from your posts, I know you’ve been working hard at it.

  3. _butterflyz Says:


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