Relationship Synopsis of 2003

Posted on 14 January 2004 by Liza Mae V.

Another day has passed me by … without a guy by my side … and I am proud to say … how I learned a lot in my 2003 of solitude. It was tough at first … going through a 2 year relationship breakup … then falling in love with someone miles away … finding out the foundations weren’t enough to build a relationship … and sometimes distance gets in the way from where you want to be … so I learned to displace my feelings with the distance … to open myself up to others … and to let things occur without me interfering with the outcome. Sometimes I wanted to see things that weren’t there … because it made me feel better … but the short comings … made me see what was actually in front of me.

The way I handle things are quite different … and my mother has actually taught me some things which I took for granted. I am not chasing ‘men’ anymore … they are chasing me. I find that when I don’t force things … feelings … thoughts … everything falls into place. I was too busy building this man of mine … that it ended up with too much faults. So I got tired of running … and now … the man is coming to me … built perfectly … in a non-perfect way. It just puzzles me how … I put the wrong pieces together … because my eyes saw this image of a house on a hill with a picket fence … when in actuality … there was no house … or fence on a hill … but an empty beach … with white sand … built the way nature intended.

– Liza Mae

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