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End of 2005

Posted on 28 November 2005 by Liza Mae V.

it seems like everything is ending for 2005 …
Today … Prison Break – The suspense is killing me.
Wednesday … Aikido – I am going to sign up for next semester.  I’ve got my 8th Kyu(Yellow Belt)

Friday … Classes – Still have exams though.

next thing I know, it is Christmas and I’ll be in nyc… then my trip to Europe.  I am so excited.

I have to say goodbye to 2005 pretty soon …

My relationship with G had a lot of BIG BAD moments but now the path
seems clearer, today.  Everything seems perfect.  We are
finally on the same page.  It took alot of tears but I think it is
all worth it, now.  I love you babe!

-Liza Mae

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11 Comments For This Post

  1. a_le Says:

    Congrats on your belt! How long has it been since you started?

    I watched the fall finale earlier… won’t say anything though

  2. atlflygurl Says:

    congrats on da belt! good luck on exams! wow i want to go to europe =( lol! glad the relationship is all good!

  3. greysilk Says:

    Good job on the practice those rolls over and over.

  4. lizamae Says:

    lol … yeah i did a suicide on friday.

  5. lizamae Says:

    Thank you! I’ve been doing it since september.

    Oh I saw it … ahhh I can’t wait 5 months for anoter episode

  6. urbantrix Says:

    I knew, I knew, I knew they weren’t gonna escape this season!! lol, They probably didn’t expect so many people watching..bah
    Congrats on Akido!!!! Was it hard? Probably helped you relax eh? I should look into that..
    My goodness Euro soon!! EEEEEEE!!

  7. darksithmilitia Says:

    I have been hoping him and brother die so the series can end

  8. a_le Says:

    You remind me of the hispanic dude… LMAO I know you got that “what the fuck” look on your face. Not look like, remind.

  9. lizamae Says:

    Yeah he does. lol.

  10. lizamae Says:

    Thank You! Well its not ‘hard’ … its hard as you want it to be. It is like taking baby steps, you fall, you get up, and try again. Even though I have my first belt, I still have much to learn. Well It teaches …

    Self Discipline
    Self Defence = Confidence when alone

    Osu! I go to this school …

    -Liza Mae

  11. darksithmilitia Says:

    LMAO I do, I do

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