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Christmas Set … Then off on a jetplane

Posted on 23 December 2005 by Liza Mae V.

Well it is that time of the year of family, friends, economic growth,
crowded malls, singing people, and credit card debt.  Growing up
isn’t so much fun as I thought it would be.  Responsibilities,
responsibilities, ane more responsibilities.  I think I lost touch
of the meaning of Christmas when I started working retail because you
see the other side of it, the money hungry side.  My family isn’t
really big on the gifts but big on the food.  We have enough food
to serve the whole neighbourhood.  Every year we have secret santa
and all the kids get presents.  I’m not a kid anymore so, no gifts
for me.  lol.  No biggie because I can get myself whatever I
want/need.  That’s the whole logic behind it, don’t give gifts
during Christmas because we can get ourselves the things we want. 

Anyways, 2 more days of work and then time to head off on
vacation.  I’m so psyched!  On top of that I received my
Cucci (imitation Gucci) bag in the mail today.  I love receiving
stuff in the mail, I feel like a kid all over again.  =) 
Even though I’m the one who purchased it online … it still brings
excitement to my life.  lol.  Yes I am easily amused. 

If you are in the New York City, Iceland or Paris area and want to hook
up, email me at and I’ll give you my info. 
Have a great one!

-Liza Mae

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. hybridhelix Says:

    Enjoy your trip….lucky!

    Hey have fun out there…but be careful!

  2. a_le Says:

    I love the pictures with the frosted windows… very beautiful.

    Have a fun x-mas

  3. hpnotiiq Says:

    i love the pictures liza i agree with audrey

  4. stefan1226 Says:

    have fun for me too–

    hope 2006 is less hard on me—
    and Hope wherever u are now—you’re having a terrific time dear–
    thanx for being there for moi :)

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