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Posted on 23 January 2006 by Liza Mae V.

As I begin to pave this path of loving you,
I become in a state of euphoria … higher than I’ve ever gone
and higher than I think I’d ever be.

I’ve travelled many lengths to finally find you
and you were just a second away.
I can never get used to this feeling
because it seems all too surreal to swallow with just one bite.

So I appreciate the savoury taste you leave in my mouth …
salivating at the thoughts of you …

You make me wet on a dry day
and you make all my fears go away.

I love who I am when I am with you
I love this woman I have become …
finally finding what it was I was seeking for …
that inner beauty that I did not see,
you make me … feel
when I have almost become numb to this feeling

I did not forsee this happening
because life is unpredictable
but you were so irresistable …
you were almost unbelieveable.

I love you more as each day passes …
though I never let a day surpass without
letting you know …
I will be always be here for you.

-Liza Mae

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