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Adjusting to Hormonal Change.

Posted on 30 January 2006 by Liza Mae V.

Ever feel like mornings are a struggle to wake up to and asking yourself, what is the point?

Try having a whole week fighting your alarm clock for two hours and when you finally do get up, you still do not see the reason for waking up. I tossed and turned in bed for a whole week with dreams of uneasiness. It seemed like the dreams repeated, over and over again, instilling a message in me that I could not see consciously. Those days are finally over starting today. The cycle is now reversed. I actually woke up earlier than the alarm clock and did not have a dream of uneasiness. It may be due to my hormones because last week is the week prior to PMS, and this week it supposed to start. blar. I don’t know what it is but I need to pick myself up again. I need a reason for being.

I started working out again. My workouts have gone from 4h/week to 12h/week.

  1. 2h of the gym 3x a week,
  2. 2h of Aikido 2x a week, and
  3. 2h of Latin Dancing 1x a week.

Yes I’ve gone hard core. I guess the long breaks in school give me good reason to use that time wisely. I don’t really enjoy the gym but seeing the results are worth it. Now, trying to change the way I eat is another thing. I do not eat burgers, fries, but I really need to minimize the rice eating. I just love Japanese food, sushi is my favorite! I also love Chinese food, but who doesn’t? I have to stay away from the fried anything/everything. I could settle for something more healthy. Money is a big part of that decision because most of the times, healthy food costs you 2x more than greasy food. Why does salad have to be so over-priced, but I don’t think salad is much healthier after all the sauce is smeared over it.

Choices. It is all about those choices we make to either change ourselves or keep our dirty habits. I need self-change management. I need to set a goal and to see what I can plan to achieve those goals. The wheels are in motion but I just need that initial push to advance.

-Liza Mae V.

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  1. muszicluvher Says:

    nice tropical layout…

    Ever feel like mornings are a struggle to wake up to and asking yourself, what is the point?
    werd…that’s been many days for me in the past year or so. i just don’t dream as much (or at least i don’t remember as much) i wish i could get in the gym as much as u do. my body reacts very quickly to workin out but i just have to actually do it. but after work i rarely have the motivation to even think about goin. i usually go home…chat a bit…maybe watch a movie and cut off all messengers and go to sleep. pretty boring eh?

  2. lizamae Says:

    Re: nice tropical layout…

    now who is Canadian ‘eh’? lol.

    Well motivation has alot to do with going to the gym. I slacked this week because I was preoccupied with assignments, blah! Imagine when you have a family, then your free time will decrease, so enjoy the freedom! Back to motivation, I’ve gotten my self-motivation to look good and be healthy. Sometimes I hate looking at my stomach, it makes me gag. lol. It’s not that bad but I look at some people and say, I definately don’t want to look like that. If I don’t work out, I will look like ‘that’, and my ultimate goal is not to reach that point.

    -Liza Mae

  3. muszicluvher Says:

    Re: nice tropical layout…

    u are, lol.
    so basicaly ur main motivational force is negative? lol….das messed up girl! y u gotta worry about fat people to make u feel better? what if the world had no fat people? wut would u do then? granted this is an extreme idea but still….try eliminating the negative reasons for doin positive things in ur life and see how it plays out then.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Re: nice tropical layout…

    well my motivational force is not completely negative…lol.
    It has alot of pros … such as being healthy, makes me feel ‘better’ due to the endorphins

    “endorphins are believed to produce four key effects on the bodymind: they enhance the immune system, they relieve pain, they reduce stress, and postpone the aging process. Scientists also have found that beta-endorphins can activate human NK (Natural Killer) cells and boost the immune system against diseases and kill cancer cells.” –

    For more info, Google it!

    All those things are what I experience when I work out. Hrmmm .. maybe that’s why I’ve been stressing this week since I haven’t been working out, possibly I’ll go after school (thinking out loud).

    Well I enjoy Aikido … I more than enjoy it, I love it, it brings me a sense of calmness, relaxation, and confidence. Confidence due to be able to defend myself in risky situations. =)

    Looking good is just one of its outcomes. Feeling good is one of the main reasons I do what I do. Maybe you should start to relieve some stress in your day. Trust me, the hardest part is dragging yourself to the gym. So here is my attempt to push you.

    -Liza Mae

  5. muszicluvher Says:

    Re: nice tropical layout…

    first of all ya lil runt i know wut da hell endorphins are and do.
    second of all u don’t need to do anything but wakeup to look good. but i’m sure that lil statement, as much as u may like it, won’t matter much since ur a girl, lol.

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