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Random Night!

Posted on 09 February 2006 by Liza Mae V.

A great night equates to a stiff neck the next morning.

It was just one of those weeks when the workload amounts to causing me to stress over things which I could of prevented. So after you hand in that assignment/report, it is a sigh of relief because it is out of your hands now, until you receive it back a week later.

I haven’t had a medium to let go until last night. I needed to have those drinks and dance till the club closed. My jacket was the last one at the coat check. lol. This is the first time I went to a club with timbs on, plus I was wearing a olive green jump suit. I looked like a dancer from a hip hop video. Initially, I was so concerned what people of think of me but after awhile I didn’t care. My friends didn’t care, so why was I so concerned? I suppose I am used to going to clubs in ‘girly’ attire. Oh well, I think I should dress more casually then how I usually dress, I am more care-free and dance like a maniac. Maybe it was the Red Bull and Vodka which equals hyperactiveness and drunkness. Now I am paying for it now. I can’t move my head because my neck/upper back is hurting when I do so. I’m going to take a hot bath.

-Liza Mae

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11 Comments For This Post

  1. darksithmilitia Says:

    You drunk is making me drunk from lust

  2. urbantrix Says:

    You look so hot miss new! You’re hair looks way longer than from the summertime too…tell me your secret..

  3. lizamae Says:


    secret is.. don’t cut it! lol. I wash my hair every other day or even 3 days after. The oil is actually good for you.

    -Liza Mae

  4. inteligencia Says:

    hey Liza “waves”

  5. lizamae Says:

    *waves back*

    Is it the infamous ARI?

    -Liza Mae

  6. muszicluvher Says:

    well hello dere to teh sexiest *shawty* i know

    when i saw the first pic i was like wut da hell are u wearin( i guess cuz it was open like that, lol) but then i saw the other pics. that suit is tight. sometimes u need that release. like i need one now. maybe in a few weeks i’ll get it too. we shall see. rock on girl!

  7. lizamae Says:

    Re: well hello dere to teh sexiest *shawty* i know

    thanks rob! =) Why are you so stressed?

    -Liza Mae

  8. muszicluvher Says:

    Re: well hello dere to teh sexiest *shawty* i know

    just work. i work in the admin section (best way i can explain it) and it’s a lot of work/stress. i am responsible for maintaining stats for 155 ppl. wich sux. now i’m not in charge of these people but if they have any sort of personnel issues or wutever it goes thru me. and of course there’s the unit above me (which has changed since we’re goin thru this whole reorganization shit in the army/europe) and those idiots get on my nerves to no end. so yea….i need a vacation.

  9. inteligencia Says:

    uh huh :op

  10. a_le Says:

    Pretty pics!

    Glad you had a good time… I agree the relief from the end of stress is a wonderful feeling

  11. 3mpr355 Says:

    Bomb diggity

    your fucking sexy and i wanna add you as a friend and that outfit is bomb your creative and i look up to you for dat respect and bless

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