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New York vs. Toronto

Posted on 25 April 2006 by Liza Mae V.


I’m tired of defending New York. So after this trip I think I have to say good-bye for awhile until the dust settles between our celestial bodies. I constantly try to push the idea of New York but is it worth fighting for? I love the city for many reasons and those who know me would know why. I have just built this bond with the city and the people(friends) within it that they are the reasons why I come back. Maybe if my friends moved to Toronto, then I would think differently but that is a far-fetched idea.

I just love the shopping,
the bright lights,
the late nights,
the music,
the smell of the trains,
the summer rain,
the alcohol sold at the corner store,
the hard core accent of the guy next door,
the chinese woman selling fake gucci at the corner of Canal St. and Broadway.

I miss the feeling of being touched
while being brushed on the busy sidewalk
during rush hour,
or sitting on a patio watching
passer-by’s scurry
like they are trying to beat time
with a hurry
but where are they really rushing to?


Don’t get me wrong, Toronto ain’t a lame-ol-city. I love it as well but obviously it is not as face paced as NYC, which has its pro’s and con’s. In this city, you can find best of both worlds: non-chaotic or chaotic. If you want to find excitement, you can do so but its not a walk next door, you have to live in the city. But the thing is, the party ends at 2a.m. when there is no more ‘legal’ alcohol served and its only the druggies or wasted drunks on the dance floor. So the party ends early and you can’t buy alcohol at the corner store because the LCBO is closed and that’s the only place you can find liqour. So the only thing open is the 24h Chinese restaurant on Spadina where you’ll meet everyone who has no where else to refuge after a club night but at RolSan’s! I love the chinese food in Toronto much better though, its not as fatty and a lot more tasty. The only thing that is holding me back from my previous 5 year plan is because HE is in my life. I decided that he is more important to me than the experience of the BIG city. I’m holding on to the memories, I’m holding on to my single life. I am not used to thinking for ‘us’. I’m sorry! Forgive me for I am trying.

-Liza Mae

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