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Posted on 23 May 2006 by Liza Mae V.

I know this is a delayed entry and my tan is now fading but I was inspired by Joseph to write something about my NCL experience.

1. The DJ in the one and ONLY club played the same set night after night.
2. You can only spend a few hours at a stop over not fully grasping the travelling experience (ex. meeting locals, trying new foods, etc.)
3. Motion sickness
4. Not much partying since its all couples or family.
5. Majority of Filipino workers, I felt like my cousins were serving me. lol.
6. Waiting in line for formal dinners.
7. Drinking water tasted funny.
8. Gaining weight from eating so much.
9. Alcohol wasn’t free.
10. The stir-fry line was 20 minutes long.

1. Food was available 24h/day.
2. The sunsets.
3. Being pampered.
4. Relaxing under the sun.
5. Sea Breeze.
6. Comedy Shows.
7. Chocolate Buffet.
8. Jacuzzi.
9. Smiling babies.
10. Getting Drunk.

-Liza Mae

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  1. muszicluvher Says:

    4. Not much partying since its all couples or family.
    now u feel the pain i endured in the maldives, lol. but other than that it was lovely! one of these days i’m gonna post the lj entry i wrote while there, pics included.

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