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Posted on 22 April 2008 by Liza Mae V.


breath deeply
break free
be happy

I am in a state of mind that is juggling thoughts back and forth and external forces are swaying me to make a choice between my emotions. I am … lost …. struggling … trying to find my way home. Once upon a time I was focused – now far from that. I am standing at a crossroads, which road to follow? There is no right or wrong – just stuck in this grey area. My thoughts put me in this demise, wishing I was care-free. So I was put into a situation where I had to make a choice – that is to really look deep down inside myself and ask the question, “What will bring me to this point of happiness?” I do not know the answer to that question because that is what I am searching for. I’m trying to find the answers to my misunderstandings. Once I find myself again, I will know what it is that Liza really needed. If it is with you or without you … I will not know till that time of enlightenment. Time heals wounds. Time is what I need. Time is what you need. For now …

I love.

I will.

I am.

– Liza Mae

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