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s e p e r a t i on

Posted on 28 April 2008 by Liza Mae V.

i        a  m            h   e   r  e.





t  h  e  r  e   .

Lost between the spaces of time …
going back and forth in my mind.

yet I should be living here.  i am here.

STOP reliving the pain … i tell myself over and over.
STOP seeing the tears fall from your face …
the disappointment and sadness … in your eyes.

I can’t forget, but I can not go back to it …
I need to STOP feeling this guilt that I feel.
I am here.
. not there.

i am where i need to be …

– Liza Mae

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. nycita Says:

    short but beautiful.

    We all should stick to these words. but it’s easier said than done…when you wanna go from here to there…for someone who won’t be there in the end.

  2. lizamae Says:

    I wrote this primarily because I’ve been living the past emotions, over and over in my mind that I have to remind myself that I am here now. My choice was to be here but I’m still going back to it. In order to move forward, you have to leave things/feelings behind. It is like losing your identity because you’ve become so attached to your identity with this person that you have to learn to detach from it. I have to say to myself, “I am” … instead of saying, “I am confident/happy/sad with him” or generally speaking “I am … when I am with him”. At first I thought I lost everything – yet I have me, friends, family, etc. So it is time for me to – be. me.

  3. nycita Says:

    I had a dejavu of myself from 3 years ago, reading your words. I’ve been there, exactly there, exactly as devastated..because I couldn’t find sense in being myself without him. And those are the times, everything you possess, doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t make you heal faster. I know, and it’s a very long process..Speaking 3 years later, I am still learning to cope with the loss, and still coping with being myself, a stronger self, a self on my own, without him. Obviously, the version of you with him, was incomplete because it required his existence to “feel” any emotion. And it happens with every deep relationship we choose to start, because only then, we can grow together..When one part leaves, the other is broken..It’s your time to see who you are , to feel on your own, to not have him define your emotions, your days, your sadnesses and your happinesses. I try to hold on to the thought that..only once I’ve found out who I am, I can have another relationship as deep as that one, again..Until then, walk babe, and explore yourself, because that journey is the most important to your future life. And love will come your way…Somehow love always does, whether it’s for short, or long terms.


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