Dysfuntional Mind

Posted on 06 May 2008 by Liza Mae V.

i have been going through an emotional roller coaster …

ups . . ..                                                   highs ….                                                     .   &   .
&                                &                              &                                 ….                           .  .  .
. . . . downs                                                   . .  . . lows

i am happy when i am with HIM … but sad when i see the pain i have ’caused in him.
HE pushes me away slightly … he tries to pull me close but i resist.
i know this is new and fear the unknown with HIM … but i know he will fight or die for me.
i should stop thinking too far ahead.
i am here sitting at my desk.
i need to awaken the happiness that resides in me
instead of thinking of the unhappiness that surrounds me.

dysfunctional mind.

– Liza Mae

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. lizamae Says:

    Interesting view

    I See a person

    A person who is unclear about herself and a person that she is or wants to be. I see a person who has lots of feelings for someone and does know that they love and care for them. Guilt is something that confuses the mind and is something that makes someone make hasty decisons in ones life. The truth is something that one feels inside and is something that cant be of someones delusions to convince themsleves of whats right or wrong but what is true to there heart.

    I also see someone who wants to undertsand what they want but at the same time questions if this person will be there for them in the end. It seems that you are a victom of your own, and that you are scared of facing the truth with ones self other than the concepts of others.

    In the end you need to undertsand yourself, but except others and know the people that truly love you and want the best for you. People that are in your life are there for a reason, but people that are realy in your life are there for you in the begining and in the end no matter what……

    Love is Always Love……

    God Always Knows The Truth & The Truth Will Set You Free…..

  2. lizamae Says:

    Re: Interesting view

    I did not write this … who used my user name?

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