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Word of the Day: Edify

Posted on 26 June 2008 by Liza Mae V.

Main Entry:
ed·i·fy Listen to the pronunciation of edify
transitive verb
Inflected Form(s):
ed·i·fied; ed·i·fy·ing
Middle English, from Anglo-French edifier, from Late Latin & Latin; Late Latin aedificare to instruct or improve spiritually, from Latin, to erect a house, from aedes temple, house; akin to Old English ād funeral pyre, Latin aestas summer
14th century

1archaic a: build b: establish
2: to instruct and improve especially in moral and religious knowledge : uplift; also : enlighten, inform

+ + +

“We have to do or change … to edify our relationship, not break it down”

Now I get the word and its full meaning.  So many changes that I have to go through to edify myself resulting in an enlightened self.  It is time to put old ways behind and finally grow up.  I have been playing this game for too long that I have become one with the game.  Time to  move on to another chapter in life.  It is time to rectify my thoughts and actions or inactions.

– Liza Mae

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