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back to school of life

Posted on 12 September 2010 by Liza Mae V.

I’ve wanted to write for quite some time but days just keep passing me by without notice. Summer is already over and I don’t know where the two months have gone. The summer of 2010 is just a vague memory and now it is a start of a new School year. Though I am no longer in school I am still being taught lessons of life. This has been a trying time in my life where I am testing new experiences and seeing where it will take me. It really has been an emotional roller coaster but I still have faith that things will work out and worrying will not produce any good. Maybe I’m naive but deep down in my heart I believe things will go my way, as they were, as they should be. I’ve dealt with skeptics and it doesn’t dishearten my spirits but gives me more hope, ironically. I feed off people’s negativity and I turn it to positivity like adding fuel to my fire.

I realized that I was too concerned about what people thought of me but in the end they are too busy to be concerned about what people thought of them. So with that vicious cycle, I decided to end it. I am done.

blar. I apologize for my randomness rant.

– Liza Mae

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