Pillow Talk: Visions & Goals

Posted on 31 March 2009 by Liza Mae V.

After a long tiring day mi amore and I usually lay in bed and conversation about random things on our minds.  Last nights topic was around our visions and goals.  He called me out on a couple of things:   slacking on my photography, spend too much time on facebook/twitter when I can be doing something productive, not working on my beach bod and that I am simply not motivated.  So I heard those words loud and clear and it stuck.  For how long?  Who knows but the fact that I am writing about it shows that I will do those things I negated to do.  I will simply put some time lines in place so I will have some urgency to complete my tasks.

  • Edit lizamae[dot]com’s Posts from LJ – estimated 250 posts (May 1st)
  • Edit photos for web portfolio/photo book/flickr (April 13)
  • Design website for www.luxavision.com (April 27)
  • Get more photography clients (on going)
  • Weight train minimum of 3x a week (start this week)
  • Eat healthier

So I will update every Monday on my progress of these things.  Wish me luck!

-Liza Mae

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. wt Says:
    hello welcome to the slackers’ club. but he is right… too much of our time is wasted on things that probably don’t matter in the grand scheme of things… i realize that for myself too.

    that said. spare me some time to waste next weekend! lol. i will make sure u have trained weights 3 times that week before you come join us for some korean food + singing!!

  2. J3551C4 Says:
    Motivation seems to be a hard thing to come by for me these days. I know the feeling.

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