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a day in a life of Liza Mae | it is only Tuesday

Posted on 13 January 2009 by Liza Mae V.

The day started early at 6:00am, waking up with the sound of my BlackBerry’s alarm.  My room is dark and gloomy making it harder for me to get up.  I only had 4.5hrs of sleep that has become a pattern these last few days.  Though yesterday seemed harder than today, today started off on the wrong foot.  Yesterday, I snoozed the alarm probably 10x because it goes off in 5 minute intervals and I got out of bed at 6:50am.  Today, I actually got out of my bed after the first warning.  Anyways, I checked my mail and I found a bill that my ex didn’t pay.  That really got me heated because it is bad enough that he owes me thousands, but it is under my name.  I feel like that song, “Bust your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan.  lol.  He is just like a cockroach where you step on it and it still lives.  I just want to exterminate him.

On top of that, the roads due to weather were horrible, it took more than an hour to get to work which is 30 minutes more than usual.  I felt so sick by the time I got to work that I just had to buy some greasy McDonald’s to offset my sickness.  Ironically, it cured me.  I was just hungry.

Now I am at my desk trying to bring up my mood because this is not a good way to start a Tuesday.  Too far from the weekend.  3.5 more days.  blahhhh… I need out of this rut.  Change!  I need change!  Pick up my bags and just go…

– Liza Mae V.

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