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Posted on 19 January 2009 by Liza Mae V.

I put on my shoes in the mud room and run to my ’97 Mazda Protege in the driveway.  I start it and unlock the backdoor and lock the front.  It is my way of starting my car without really worrying about someone stealing it.  I close the doors and run back in to the warm house.  While it begins to warm up I patiently wait in the mudroom and watch my car sit still.

I admire my surroundings.

The snow blankets the entire street – on top of cars, roofs, driveways, snow hills on front yards and streets …  I always liked the look of snow.  I wish I could say the same about driving in it.

Anyways, I run to my car and and drive out in to the snow plowed streets but I still do not see the pavement.  It remains slippery like I am skating on ice.  I finally get to the main roads and all I see are flashing lights from one street to the next.  When the city sleeps, there is plenty work to be had – snow plows plowing, salt trucks salting the icy streets, and cops pulling over traffic offenders for fun.  I don’t see this much action in the day.  I feel like there is a party on the street with all the flashing lights.

I give thanks to the hard workers who work late hours to remove snow.  I know I couldn’t work in the Toronto cold conditions – it is utterly freezing.  Thank you for making the roads safer for drivers like me who do not have winter tires.

The main roads are cleared up pretty quickly but I feel the city of Toronto can do a better job on side streets.  I give them a ✩✩✩ of ✩✩✩✩✩ in that category because my street is pretty slippery.

Goodnight Toronto and thank you night workers,

– Liza Mae

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