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lost ring | a story of hope

As I was packing my luggage to go back to Toronto I emptied one of my purses and to my surprise I saw a ring that looked like the engineering ring I had lost during a BBQ in the Bronx on July 4th weekend. I was doubtful and thought it was a dime but i did a double take and reached for it.

It was my ring!

I immediately slid it on my right hand pinky finger and held my hand up high to admire it.

I smiled so much it filled my heart with joy.

This ring is a symbol goes beyond the fact that it is an engineering ring.

It symbolizes hope.

The reason why it symbolizes hope is because it seems I always lose misplace this ring but every time I seem to find it against all odds.

I lost it on a car seat.
I lost it at night in a parking lot.
I lost it in the midst of my purse.
I lost it in my hair.
and the list goes on.

This goes to show that sometimes when you think you lost something or someone and it comes back against all odds, it was meant to be.

The ‘lost ring’ is a metaphor for life.

The funny thing is the day I lost my ring I imagined it will eventually show up as it usually does, hence my reaction to losing it.  I was concerned for 5 minutes, then I moved on.  I learned not to attach myself to ‘things’, for things can be replaced and sometimes losing something or someone is out of your control.

Why fight it?

Accept it and move on.  Life is too short to control the uncontrollable.

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  • surbhikapoor
    Love how you connected losing your ring to life..totally agree with you..if u lose something or someone, if it was meant to be you will cross paths again…Liza I love your positive attitude…you are such an inspiration…always keep this attitude..miss u!!!!!!!

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