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Posted on 16 April 2004 by Liza Mae V.

It feels like … I’m in an out of body experience … and I’m just watching over this girl … that has been through … little things … little things which make her … fragile … because she’s been broken once or twice before … but as time went by … someone … something was there to help her mend the pieces together … that one/thing is love … To love … to be loved … to be faltered by love … and to gain enough strength to love again … that’s the beauty of this whole thing … we call love … when we feel like we’ve been defeated by love … it’s what keeps us going … isn’t that ironic?

opposing reflections

These couple of days have been … a brush of fresh air … hitting my face … like the soft kisses you left … on your way here … though my words were conveyed … to the ears that once listened … my words felt empty … for the substance was missing … I am missing …

kiss me

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11 Comments For This Post

  1. gryn Says:


  2. arinzoheret Says:

    ::your words::

    are reflections of my current state of mind. mirror image <3

  3. rivenagares Says:


  4. muszicluvher Says:

    i agree with the love being the final straw that breaks the monkey’s back yet being the same straw that builds the rainbow to eternity…

  5. lizamae Says:

    yes indeed!

  6. rivenagares Says:


    ..quite simply love is brain damage. a temporary influx of chemicals (narcotics, imagine that) that clouds the judgement and causes the body to do strange things..

    ..ain’t it lovely?

  7. hekitiinaru Says:

    Re: ..pffft..

    People do some fucked up things in the name of Love…
    Fuck up after fuck up…
    We keep trying…
    Because we have the power
    in the knowledge that we rose from the previous destruction…

    So we keep at it
    and over
    and over
    Isn’t that the same definition

    It’s called
    Love is BIGGER then the people who fuck it up
    Stain it
    Make it into something UGLY
    Love is its OWN ENTITY.

    Mr. Agares…
    Imma kick your ass



  8. shespeaksit Says:

    Re: ..pffft..

    pffflt right back at you… i coulda sworn someone said that were out of there jaded stage…

  9. lizamae Says:

    Re: ..pffft..

    love is lovely … blar!

    Brain damage … but maybe not to that extreme … because I would be a vegetable … but I agree … it does cloud judgement …


    love … it seems like we died … and resurrected … and we keep going through this cycle … until … we have found … the one.
    (sigh) … Thank you!

    <3 - Liza

  10. destinysmine Says:


  11. hekitiinaru Says:

    Re: ..pffft..


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