moments like this … rainbow after the rain

Posted on 01 June 2009 by Liza Mae V.

The clouds emerged in the sky on a Saturday evening and the air was slightly cool.  My boyfriend and I walked to the Starbucks on the Danforth to sip on  one of our favorite hot liquid drinks, Caramel Macchiato.  It was too cool and gloomy to sit in the patio so we sat in the store front gazing out at people and cars pass.  The warmth of the concoctions soothed away my previously melancholy state.

Suddenly, the trees started to sway quickly because the wind started to pick up, the sky started to darken, and people outside started to scatter in a hurry.

“There is going to be a storm”, he said while holding his cup in hand.

Then the rain started to pour from the heavens in a flurry.  The wind was so strong that it rattled tree leaves and ‘helicopters’ (things that are from a tree that spin like helicoptrers, name I still do not know).  The air was filled with these things plus the rain.  It amused me, made me smile (even now recalling that moment, makes me smile).  I like to watch the rain when I am indoors, not a great experience outdoors, especially if I am not rain-weather equipped.

A homeless crazy man walked in to ask for some change but was kicked-out by the Starbucks employees.  He walked out into this weather, indifferent to what was occuring outside.  I looked at the sidewalks that a moment ago was filled with walker-bys  but now is empty, except for this homeless man who walked so briskly through the rain.  This picture is etched in my mind like a photograph.  It was utterly beautiful.

A few minutes later, the darkness was starting to fade, the trees were almost still, and the wind was calm.  Before we know it one two rainbows appeared.  I’ve only really seen rainbows with mi amore around.  Together we see rainbows, I don’t know what God is trying to tell us but it is something we share.  The passer-bys who noticed the rainbow were also amazed, taking pictures and just admiring the moment.

Moments like this are what I live for, simple moments such as this, and sharing it with the people I love is even more memorable.

-Liza Mae

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  1. Evie Says:
    Caramel Macchiato is my fav too..:)

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