10 Econmical Ways to Enjoy the Summer

Posted on 30 June 2009 by Liza Mae V.

Since the weather has warmed up I’ve been spending most of my days (when not at work) at the beach.  I am an avid believer of enjoying the outdoors during the short summer months in Toronto.  I have some ideas on how to enjoy the summer the economical way.

1. Find Free Parking.  There is always streets that you can park for free in the city, just read the signs carefully.  It may require you to walk further but it is great for exercise and you save about $10 on a Saturday night, which can go to a purchase of a drink or two.

2. Have a Picnic.  Make some sandwiches, bring munchy snacks, and keep hydrated with some refreshing drinks.  This year I invested in a portable BBQ costing $40CAD.  Just bring your meat of choice (chicken, steak, kabobs, hot dogs, burgers) and veggies, and you have yourself a feast of champions.  I find that food brings people together, so this is a great opportunity to spend time with your loves!

3. Throw the Ball Around.  This is one of my favorite things to do outdoors, for you are in the sun, active, and you get to meet new people.  My BF and I just hit the beach and ask to join a volleyball game with some random people.  We’ve been a handful of times this year and we have made some friends on the way and counting.  Other balls of choice: soccer, football, basketball, tennis ball, etc.

4. Lay in the Sand.  If you are not the active type, you can just bring a beach towel and lay in the sand or grass, and enjoy the sounds of the water, children playing, and smell the breeze.  I love this on a long day of work or play.  I especially enjoy doing this with my BF because it stems great conversation.  Look at the clouds and try to name the shapes, just like when you were a kid.

5. Take Yoga Classes.  There is a FREE Yoga class offered on August 8 at the beaches.   If you do not live in the Toronto area, I’m sure there are free classes offered in your area, just search and you will find.  Also if you already know some yoga exercises, you can bring your mat to the beach/park.

6. Capture the Moment.  The world is yours to explore, so venture out locally or where ever your feet, bike, transit, or car will bring you and take some photos.  You will be amazed at what nature has to offer.  Most of us in this digital world owns a digital camera, so feel free to snap away.

7. Auto-bots Roll Out. Whether you like to cycle, roller blade, or skateboard, it is always great to stay active and save the environment.  Leave your car keys at home and roll to your destination.  I wish I could cycle to work but I live too far (45 min. drive), but if I had the opportunity, I would do so.  You save money on gas or public transit.

8. Swim at the Local Pool. If you do not have the luxury of owning a pool or having one accessible in your condo/apt, then there are always local pools open with exception to the recent City of Toronto Civil Strike.

9. Enjoy Summer Festivals. There are tons of festivals that happen during the summer which keep me strolling about the city.  My favorite is the Food Festivals =)  Enjoy the sounds and sights!  If you are overwhelmed with the festivals, here is the bridged version: BlogTO’s Top 20 Summer Festivals.

10. Walk. This is the most simple task of them all.  Walk when you can and appreciate your surroundings.  I find in the summer that I walk a lot, so wear comfortable sexy shoes.  It costs you nothing and you can do it anywhere.  =)

– Liza Mae

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