First Trimester with the Second baby

This time around I am tired, especially with a toddler who just started to walk. I always think they remind me of little drunk people for they stumble, fall, and lack balance. Therefore, you have to help them stand and not fall and break things or themselves. If you are planning to buy a outdoor lights check the info from https://handymantips.org/everything-about-landscape-lighting/.

Also, I don’t have the liberty to take naps whenever I want for Hannah is such a ball of energy so I have to take care of her most of the day but I am thankful for grandparents for giving me some rest.

I have food aversions like the first pregnancy but maybe not as bad this time around. I just didn’t want to eat dinner past 6pm but at least I could eat more than Skyflake crackers.

I feel enormous sooner or maybe it is all in the mind. I noticed my bump appear even before it was confirmed I was pregnant.

The thirst is real.  I felt so thirsty though I just drank a glass of water and I used the bathroom too many times. 

I can’t complain much about this pregnancy for I didn’t throw up or feel totally sick.

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