First Time Meeting with Baby

I tried to prepare my 20 month old toddler as much as possible for the new baby to come with books, dolls, photos but you don’t really know the reaction they will have until it happens.

So we were supposed to go home from the hospital 3 hours after the birth but it got delayed so we asked James mom to bring her. If you are looking for the best ways to rent a car without wasting extra money click here.

She arrived and was a little reserved and confused for her daily routine was disrupted for we left for the hospital before she woke up and she saw me laying in a strange bed. M3u8 player is a simple streaming application. Just add any workable streaming url or any m3u8 url or any media url and enjoy live stream with this application.


Anyways, James brought her to the baby and she just observed him with no real significant reaction but when James was going to take her away, she didn’t want to leave his side.


She was actually in awe of him and gave him kisses which was really sweet.


We are home now and she is really adjusting well beyond my expectations.


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