I have an addiction and I need help

I’ve been feeling totally lost as of recent for my attention has been pulled in all directions and it is wearing me thin. I allow myself to be distracted by all the little things that I miss being in the present with my family. Also taking me out of my priorities and responsibilities.

I already had ADD tendencies, but it is at its worse since I have all these social media apps on my phone that constantly send me notifications. This is hard for me to type but the first step is to admit I have a problem. You have just finished having your house built, and you are so proud of it. However, there are parts of your home that you should keep private. Without window treatments, people from the outside may be able to look into your home and see what is going on. One way to give privacy to your home is by installing blinds, such as Roller Blinds on your windows, you can get more info in this page.

I’m addicted to social media.

So today I decided to slowly ween myself off of Facebook and Instagram by logging off and allowing myself to go on 3x a day to be more intentional of going on to post content, respond to DMs or comments, and limit my time scrolling.

I’m also going to put my phone far from me when I’m playing with my kids, having meals, or talking to my husband.

He has told me for years that I need to get off of social media for it is hurting our relationship because I’m so distracted but I denied it like most addicts.

I even avoided watching the Netflix documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ for I know it would drop some truths that I didn’t want to accept but I’ll start watching it today while I prepare lunch. I took a glimpse of the first few minutes and this quote struck me …

“It’s the gradual, slight, imperceptible change in your own behavior and perception that is the product.”

– Janer Lanier (The Social Dilemma)

I’ve seen it happen to other people and how media has shifted people’s thoughts – good and bad. Like you know who watches CNN for their language and thoughts are similar, almost verbatim. It has most likely to happened to me in some way, shape or form and only someone close to you can point it out.

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