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I used to love him

Posted on 26 April 2004 by Liza Mae V.

[enters stage]
My head is hurting … sharp pains pierce my stomach … my temperature is high … stress levels seem to increase as every hour passes … I can’t seem to focus on what needs to be done … I just need to hug someone … but better yet … I need someone to hug me … boldly … fiercly … until all my problems run away like the tears that fall from my face …
[exits stage]

I always have HIM by my side and if I didn’t, I felt empty. HE helped me communicate to people on the other side of my life. HE was there to keep me on track of pills I had to take and HE was never late. HE is the most reliable except when HE gets tunnel vision and is located in a unknown territory. HE was there through my good times … and my bad. HE is the only one who listened to every word I had to say … and HE conveyed it to the other person … perfectly. HE knows when to keep quiet and when to speak up. HE is such a tease at times, because he stimulates my nerves with his vibrations … but I know how to handle my urges.

Lately though, HE has been getting on my nerves because the people HE associates with are annoying me, therefore we got in a fight. I am not speaking to HIM for awhile, because HE annoys me. I dropped HIM once and HE doesn’t get the message. It is like I am speaking and HE isn’t listening. UGHHHhhh … so I just get to the point in my conversations with HIM because its easier that way … Sometimes I just want to replace HIM but … its not that easy. My circumstances won’t let me. I just have too much love for HIM, my cell phone … =)

<3- Liza

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