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Your dreams are within your reach

Posted on 28 April 2004 by Liza Mae V.

School is finally over … for now. I had my ups & downs … lack of motivation was a major factor … and some of my studying tactics worked … some didn’t. I am awaiting my marks … and hopefully I will see something good … but my confidence level in school is on an ultimate low … it seems like as every semester passes … my focus begins to steer off to various directions. As I always say after each semester … I’ll try for the next one. YAY that’s not happening, unless I have something to strive for. Hrmmm, now that I think about it, maybe deep down inside my fragile frame, there may lie something I strive for … that’s why I’ve made it this far. I just don’t know quite yet. Some people have told me what drives them to become ONE with school…

“I’m doing this for my family … the one I’m going to have in the future. I’m getting an education to feed my kids…” [in theory of course, because this person doesn’t even have kids] -anonymous

“I need to get my dream car … and when I don’t feel like going on … I stare at it … and think … I really want that” – Mel K.

“I want to get the highest MARKs in school … because I want to strive to be the best” – Anonymous

“I can make enough money to take care of my parents.” – Gavin

I struggle to find my drive … my inspiration. I know where I am but where am I going? Maybe engineering is not for me … but how did I make it this far? I’m sure its more than luck. I am comfortable with my life … no real complaints. I’ve got a bonded family that is rare these days, , friends to last a life time, home cooked meals, and…. and … what more do I need … a partner… which is composed of a lover/family/friend in one package. So is HE, this dream man in my mind, what keeps me on my feet when I get shot by a emotional glock? Maybe… just maybe.

The signs keep haunting me … that my dreams are within my reach.


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  1. muszicluvher Says:

    rainy days…

    wut’s flow 93.5?
    i’ve been feelin the way u are feelin now since about 01 when i left ft drum, ny for camp doha, kuwait. i just feel lost in a sea of uneasy comfort. i have just been kinda floating along on a wave of deadly mercury which never seems to envelope me. it seems to keep me a live as if it was a fluid life machine. now more than ever ( that i’m in iraq that is) i feel lifeless even though i continue to breath. working/slaving seems pointless yet so necessary. gotta work to get the things u need/want…ugh

  2. muszicluvher Says:

    nm bout the flow 93.5 i just found out wut it is, hehe

  3. lizamae Says:

    Re: rainy days…

    But what are your needs and wants? If you/I can answer this honestly then why the state of confusion … why?

    Maybe I know what I need/want but … getting there seems impossible … and leaves me uncertain … for the future can not be predicted … even through a glass ball or psychics try to convince you of it … not everything you hear/see is true. Hrmmmm … I just need that moment

    Damn I’m sleepy … my head keeps tilting forward … ah ha ha … good night sugar.

  4. muszicluvher Says:

    Re: rainy days…

    well the problem is that i can’t define what i really want and when i do come to a conclusion it gets all blurry as obligations like working to get money to live mess it all up. i only need to eat/and live and love. but defining what i really want is just so hard at times.

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