Retire the idea of the 9 to 5

Posted on 02 October 2009 by Liza Mae V.

As a child I looked upon my parents and thought, that is how my ideal life should be.  Every morning my parents would wake up and get my older brother, Ritchie and I ready for school.  They would get ready for work, then my brother and I would walk to school.  We usually get home before them and then they’d come home from work.  That was the life of working your 8 hour shift then coming home to the wife/husband and kids.  It was simple, straight forward, and ordinary.  That is what life supposed to be.

Now that I’ve grown in to my own person, I realize this structure just doesn’t resonate with who I am.  I have followed this path thus far and I am just not content nor am I happy.

My story is such, after high school, I went to university, got my degree, landed my ideal job.  It seems all fine and dandy right?  But it just doesn’t feel right and makes my stomach turn with doubt.  The first year of work was great because it was fresh and new.  Anything fresh and new is exciting but as a Gemini or specifically, Liza Mae, I tend to lose interest quite quickly. That is the reason I need to be with someone who is always on the go and can keep up with my constant need for excitement and spontaneity.  That is why J and I get along so well.  Back to my point, I just feel that this normal structured life was not designed for me.  I know there is more out there than the typical 9 to 5 lifestyle where you commit yourself to daily dread and suffering.  Lol, yes that was a little melodramatic but I think you get my point.

Besides the job, you get married, buy a house, produce 3 children.  If you are fortunate enough, you may take a couple of weeks vacation once a year to somewhere with sun and sand.  When you come back, you are wishing you were back on vacation because your stay was just a tease to the ideal lifestyle.

This is the life I do not want to live.  This is also known as the ‘rat race’.  I am living it day to day, it is not horrible, but it is not fabulous.

I want more. I want freedom to do what I truly want and live fabulously.  I see it in my future and with enough faith, WE will make it happen.

– Liza Mae

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