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Letting go … unfinished … now finished

Posted on 12 May 2004 by Liza Mae V.

Feels like
I’m on an ultimate low …
like I’ve got no where to go
because I’ve been running for so long …
that I can’t go any more.

The walls trap me …
building this barrier.
which can only be broken
by my mental
to set myself free
from this fucked up reality.

I just don’t want to be
another casualty
to love …
for I’ve been shot a couple times
and the scars
remain to heal
the concealed feelings
of the past.

I try not to go back
but I’d get flashbacks
after flashbacks…
sweat dampened sheets
heart beats
world records
as I awoke from my sleep.

Remnants of parts
still occupy space
right here
in my heart
with the thoughts of our
in each others touch
while making love
to the sound
of body waves
hitting the shore.

<3 – Liza


im feelin that right there..imma try to finish it.. i dont know if u finished it but imma give it a shot.. you paint a perfect picture with your poetry though..

as the waves
sway away
i lay in dismay
thiking of the day
we engaged
feeling encaged
no escape
mental state
love turned hate
thoughts not straight
long days nights late
cant concentrate
need to rehabilitate
from our passion
what happened
none could fathom
our patterns
mars and venus collided on a course to saturn
it was out of this world
more precious then pearls
one guy one girl
enough love to make emotions swirl
in the midst of the night
holding tight
to what was right
love in sight
but shifted within the motion
trial of devotion
our pasts were open
love was potent
but not as we were hopin
we took a chance and failed
the past came and prevailed
now all i ask is one more try
for no reply
im still here
while you think our love has died..

i tried…


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. muszicluvher Says:

    i was gonna write but it looks like azn did a pretty good job….that was a nice pt 2…

  2. muszicluvher Says:


    ok i decided to write anyways…..keep it if u like. i just wrote it a few seconds ago. hope u like the pt III,lol peace

    chasin dreams
    wasting time
    longing for action
    time time time
    for sleep
    floatin on gossamer wings of..
    nightmares? nah
    just a scary glimpse
    of po pimps
    bleedin me dry

    i escape
    i’m takin it on a dry run
    i feel the pain of love coursing through my veins again
    i feel the high of love making me whole again
    why were we lost?
    but i can feel passion again
    1 kiss, 2 kiss, 3 kiss, 4
    in 21 min and 3 seconds i’ll open the door
    u don’t have to worry no more
    heat seekers
    that’s what we are
    flame breathers
    lightning tear drops
    i’ll kiss away
    hello? operator?
    plz connect me to 555-LOVE
    thank you
    hey baby it’s me
    it’s been a long time
    yea i know i was distant for awhile
    but i had a lot on my mind
    u know war what is it good for? right?
    i dont’ wanna fight
    i just wanna love u
    every night and every day
    u know i need u
    so won’t u take up ur former residence
    in my heart
    in my soul…mate with me
    for once
    for eternity

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