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i miss you …

Posted on 29 October 2009 by Liza Mae V.

I was browsing through the card aisle while I was waiting for my prescription to be filled and came across the ‘Thinking of You’ section.  This was the inspiration of my post.

I miss you …

(a thousand thoughts just fluttered my mind but I will try to be organized)

I miss you when I am alone in bed and remembering you close to me.
I miss you when I have funny stories to tell but you’d be the only one to understand my our humor.
I miss when you’d kiss my forehead when I would cry.
I miss your scent all over me.
I miss admiring how you eat every morsel, crumb, sauce, leaving the plate spotless.
I miss your daily voice of motivation.
I miss dialing your 10-digit number, instead I am left dialing 50-digits to talk. If I get one number wrong, I’d almost have to start over. (damn phone cards)
I miss the way you think.
I miss seeing the gap in between your teeth
I miss laughing daily together.
I miss you being in the same time zone. When I sleep you are awake and when I am awake you are asleep.
I miss seeing your face everyday.
I miss kissing those lips.
I miss touching the smoothness of your bald head.
I miss watching you shave that bald head every morning.
I miss laying my hand on your chest and head on your shoulder while we rest.
I miss our morning runs through the neighborhood.
I miss Friday night out.
I miss making Saturday morning breakfasts with peameal bacon, over-easy eggs, paratha bread or french toast.
I miss cooking for us … period. I don’t really cook that I am home. No motivation.
I miss the comfortable silence.
I miss the warmth.
I miss streaming moving nights.
I miss you doing my laundry on Sundays.
I miss staring in to those brown eyes.
I miss hearing about Mexico.
I miss sharing my secrets.
I miss your guiding light to see me through the day.
I miss you when I am driving alone at night.
I miss you when I am in bed.
I miss your crazy driving.
I miss hearing your contagious laughter.
I miss your good will heart towards people.
I miss seeing you when you get excited.

I know that everyday that passes, is another day closer to you but for now, all I can do is miss you.


Liza Mae
Listening to: Brandy – Long Distance

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