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Posted on 01 December 2009 by Liza Mae V.

Five days of rejuvenation and renovations comes to an end once I wake tomorrow to start another work week ahead. I am not looking forward to it but I am well rested from the stress of my work life.

These past five days have been used to really focus on self and my relationship. As I was planning for this weekend, it didn’t really turn out the way I thought it was going to be and it was better than expected. I planned for a weekend of partying and socializing but it was less of that. I got to spend quality one on one time with three friends and just relaxed half the time. I took three yoga classes in five days, which I would not have time for on a regular week. It was awesome except for today’s yoga class. I realize I like grueling, make every single pore sweat, muscle shake, reach my breaking point, type of yoga, also known as Hot Yoga. I should of realized the type of class it was going to be because 95% of the class was in the demographic of 65 and older. Right now I don’t appreciate this type of thing because my workouts are all high intensity and I like being pushed beyond my limit.

As I looked around the room at all the 65+ retiree’s I thought, I don’t want to wait this long to live that life. I don’t want to work for another 40 years then appreciate life thereafter. I want to experience this life NOW while I am young and agile. These few days, I experienced a mere glimpse of the retired life and I am ready. Mi amore keeps telling me that we will retire before I turn 30 which is in less than four years from now and I really hope so. I keep holding that dream in my heart and mind, every single day. The more I speak about something, it becomes more realistic, no matter how outlandish it may sound. I have the faith to make it happen for I AM a firm believer of my dreams.

City of God

Last year, I dreamed to have a house and then I will leave. So I have the house but the latter needs to happen. I am not dissatisfied with my life in Toronto, I just feel like my life has more purpose. I want to help those that truly need and want help. I was given a privileged life to be fed daily, educated, and make an honest living. Some are not as fortunate as I and I believe that God has given me this life, so that I can help others. If I just turn my cheek the other direction, trying to negate reality of the world, am I not being cowardice and ignorant? After watching CNN Heroes it brought me back to the time when James showed me youtube videos of the missionary that he worked for in Mexico called Victory Outreach. It made me inspired to improve the quality of life of someone else less fortunate than myself, and at the same time improve myself. I want to make movements that will not only effect me but someone else. I am tired of being selfish and I am ready to give back. This is the circle of life and essentially I’ve been receiving a lot and not giving a lot.  It is time.

For now I will work harder each day to achieve this goal because it is simply worth it.

– Liza Mae

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