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Posted on 03 June 2004 by Liza Mae V.


I was supposed to see Ryan O. but things didn’t work out with our timing. It seems that our timing lately (2 weeks) have been quite off. Hrmmm … I haven’t seen him for two weeks and it seems like an eternity. I miss him and he doesn’t know how much I care for him. I think that is one of my problems, I easily get attached to people. I’m not quite sure why but I guess one possible reason could be that I see the good in all man kind. That sounded so corny but it’s true. Blar. Hopefully I’ll see him tomorrow. (sigh)


So it is supposed to be a night of repetition from last week but I get a phone call from Roxanne stating that she is giving me 4 tickets to this Ginuwine concert. So obviously I am not going to give up free tickets and go for it. I wasn’t really psyched to go but after I gathered 3 other girls we were looking good to go.

We arrived and it was really crowded and being short really sucked but with the aid of Crystals pushiness we made it near the front. I didn’t have a crush on him till today. I actually bought his first album but someone stole it. Now I have to get all his albums and play them religiously until I am all Ginuwined out. lol. He had a good performance … I remember him stating …

“If your girl says ‘eat her out’ .. you say, ‘I’ll eat you’ …”

and the crowd goes wild … lol .. that shit was hilarious. I seen him dance in videos but in person its 10x better.

After that we headed out to Fluid Lounge where we danced our asses off and was my goodbye party for Martina because she is headed to Croatia for a month. I’m going to miss her.

Time for bed.

– Liza Mae

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