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75 Simple Pleasures of Life

As I read through Zen Habits list of 75 Simple Pleasures I thought it would be nice to make a list of my own.  I have always made these lists in my written journal but why not share it with the world.  It is just simple things that make me smile and be happy.  It is not too complicated nor costly, just simple.  Sometimes these things are what keep me moving especially when the current is going against me.

Note: Not in any particular order, just random thoughts.

  1. Waking up to a warm body
  2. Sunshine after the rain
  3. Sweet mangoes
  4. Kid’s laughter
  5. Hot coffee on a cold day
  6. Feet against the sand
  7. Swimming through warm water
  8. Snorkeling
  9. Dancing Mindlessly
  10. Making someone laugh
  11. Twix – it is double the fun
  12. Loukamades (Honey Dough Balls)
  13. All You Can Eat Sushi
  14. Shrimp
  15. Pho in the winter
  16. Photography
  17. Stand-up Comedy
  18. Acting like a fool
  19. Reading a book on the subway
  20. Watching walker-by’s through the window
  21. Airplanes
  22. Beautiful skies
  23. Rainbows
  24. Cooking for others
  25. Stars (especially Orion’s Belt)
  26. Sweet Potato Fries
  27. Yoga
  28. Ice Cream all year round
  29. Chocolate Anything
  30. Caramel Popcorn
  31. Beach Life
  32. Admiring Sunsets
  33. Climbing Mountains
  34. Countdowns, usually because it involves something awesome
  35. Karaoke to release stress
  36. New experiences
  37. Shopping
  38. Wearing new shoes
  39. Walking barefoot at home
  40. Massages on an achy day
  41. Pedicures / Manicures
  42. Huge Hugs
  43. Lobster in Garlic
  44. Eargasms
  45. Happy surprises
  46. Cotton Candy
  47. Hip Hop
  48. Ice Cold Beer
  49. Flowers
  50. Sleeping in
  51. Smell of a new car
  52. Cookies freshly baked
  53. Toy dogs
  54. Hot showers
  55. Running outdoors
  56. Mountains I can climb
  57. Boat Rides
  58. Artsy stuff
  59. Cold water on a hot day
  60. Skating
  61. Tea when I feel like I’m getting sick
  62. Fashion trends
  63. Helping the helpless
  64. Wet juicy kisses
  65. Movie night at home
  66. Cooking without instructions
  67. Peanut Butter
  68. Mostly anything fried
  69. Fresh coconuts
  70. Getting a hair cut
  71. Meeting awesome people
  72. Furry things
  73. Sales because it feels like I saved
  74. Pink
  75. Smell of Baby Powder

That is just a sample of my simple pleasures of life.  Share yours with me.  Post a link to your site in the comments.

– Liza Mae

Natural Born GemInI + Engineer by Day and Photographyer/Designer by Night + Laid back + Can dance the night away + much more ...

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