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floating in air … dream turned into reality

Posted on 22 March 2010 by Liza Mae V.

I’ve been hearing the words of “You’re Crazy!”, as of late because of my defining decision which took the world, my world and everyone surrounding it, by storm. One of the few friends, Bobby, who understands what I am doing said something profound to me which I hold near and dear to my heart.

He said, “Well you are not trying to be normal, so to them ‘Yes’ you are crazy.”

Whenever someone would comment as such I would go back to what he said. I realize I am not my friends, nor am I the majority. It is not that I am trying to distinguish myself from everyone else, for everyone wants the same thing, to be happy. Essentially, that is what my pursuit is and this is my story.

Cake by Francine

As I sit on this metal bird engineered to soar in the sky like an eagle, I begin to think of the destination to be, it is a land and future unknown to me. It brings me back to when my mother decided to take our family away from our home land, Philippines, to live a better life elsewhere. This better life they assumed would be beneficial for the family for there are plenty of opportunities to look forward to. I appreciate my mother’s persistence and courage to leave it all behind for the sake of her family’s future. Knowing how stubborn my father could be, it must of taken her a lot of energy to convince him to leave. I can not live to tell the extent of that end of the story for I was under the age of five but I can only really think of one main reason why my mother would want to relocate; it is because she was not happy with the path she was walking and decided to take another path of life. So we packed our bags and we were on a plane to Canada.

I was thinking of all the possibilities why someone would voluntarily want to leave with exception to war. Change. People want change because they are dissatisfied with something in it. We change jobs to get more money, sell our homes to move in to a bigger one, buy more expensive cars, and the list goes on. We are a dissatisfied society for we want everything but don’t know exactly what we want when we get it. We are driven by superficiality that we lose sight of what really matters at the end of the day.

I realized that while day dreaming in front of my two computers in my cubicle of my 9 to 5 job. It was my first job out of university and after a few months of trying to fit in to this role, I became pessimistic of the lifestyle that would become of me. I encountered numerous colleagues whom been working for the company even before I’ve been conceived. I started questioning if I could do the same. It made me panic and anxious with the thoughts of doing this job for the rest of my working life which would be 40 years to the age of 65! At the time, I did not know what to do for it seemed normal, for everyone of my friends were doing the same as I. This all changed when I decided that I had had enough. I resigned from the life of the 9 to 5 to have my first taste of retirement.

So here I am, 22 years later I am doing exactly what my mother choose to do, I have left it all behind for the hopes of a better future. I am not a psychic and can’t say that I will find happiness here but I can say I took that leap of faith which I was longing to do for so long. I am starting to live.

I remember the night prior to giving in my resignation letter and I was anxious and nervous. I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing but it wasn’t a decision I made over night. It all started in the summer when James and I would casually talk about traveling and living life. He is a type of person who usually sticks to his words but may not follow through instantly, but they will happen within a few months. It was almost the ending of summer and he received the opportunity that he could not refuse, he was offered a job in China. This was a place that he kept on ranting about and he got exactly what he wanted. I was excited for him but at the same time I didn’t realize how hard it was to be separated. I was not quite ready to go, so he took off in September while I thought of what needed to be done for me to leave.

I started reading a book called 4-hr work week and it hit home and one thing that was mentioned was that I needed to automate income. Since James had gone through the process of getting an investment property, I decided I can do it too. So I looked for a home and two weeks later, I had purchased a house. I renovated the house and rented it out, now making profit from it, achieving the goal of automating income. Figuratively I am making just a little less than I was making, but if you look it at a relative basis, I have increased my income. For example, you make x dollars a month for working 160-hours, wouldn’t you rather make x dollars a month in an hour? That is what I have accomplished. It wasn’t an easy feat but I’ve made it happen. Every success comes with a struggle. The difference is that I worked hard initially instead of hardly working for 40-hours a week. The more hours we have, the more time we waste.

Once I had all my securities setup for me to leave, I resigned. The last week of work, I finally let go of my insecurities and fears and I was no longer anxious or nervous. Many colleagues asked me if I was sad but I did not have an inch of this emotion. This was the sign that I was ready. It was an enlightening moment when the doors shut behind me, for it felt that new ones had opened. I smile back at those days but really look forward to the next journey.

This journey starts today. I will be landing in an hour to be reunited with mi Amore in Shanghai, China.

P.S.  I have no access to social media, Facebook and Twitter.  Please comment or send me an email

– Liza Mae

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  1. LeMar Says:
    This is good, and I’m thinking where is she going……china! That’s so cool.

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